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Contra costa superior court - form packets














Tax Forms
California Tax Forms
IRS Tax Forms




Bankruptcy Forms
Bankruptcy - Northern District of California
Bankruptcy - National Forms

Default Judgments
Motion to Vacate Default Judgment - Small Claims

Request for Entry of Default
Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment

Elder Abuse
Elder Abuse Forms Packet

Family Law
Adoption Forms Packet
Child Support, Custody and Visitation/Modification

(Request for Order Packet)
Starting Your Divorce Forms Packet

Marriage License Application

Fee Waiver
Application for Waiving Court Fees
Fee Waiver Packet (Contra Costa County)
Fee Waiver Packet - Guardianship/Conservatorship (Contra Costa County)

Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Packet
Answering an Unlawful Detainer Packet

Judicial Council Legal Forms
Standardized Forms for California Courts
(Required for use in courts throughout the state)

Local Court Forms
Forms designed for use in Contra Costa County

Pleading Paper
(Template for generating court forms
for use in Contra Costa County courts)

Name Change
Name Change Forms Packet
Name & Genger Change Forms Packet
Gender Change Forms Packet






Probate Forms Packet
Affidavit: Death of Trustee
Affidavit: Small Estate (Prob. Code 13100)
Affidavit: Surviving Spouse/Domestic Partner (Prob. Code 13540)
Conservatorship Forms Packet
Guardianship (Person only) Forms Packet
Guardianship (Person & Estate) (Estate only)
Statutory Will

Power of Attorney

Advance Health Care Directive
Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney(guardianship)

Proof of Service
Proof of Service / POS INFO
Proof of Service Summons Packet (Family Law)

Real Property Forms
Grant Deed
Mechanics Lien Claim
Quitclaim Deed
Release of Mechanics Lien
Contra Costa County Forms (CC County)

(CC County Clerk-Recorder)

Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence Restraining Order -
Packet A
Packet B
Packet C
Civil Harassment Packet
Injunction Against DMV
Workplace Violence Restraining Order Packet
Writ of Possession/Claim & Delivery

Seal (Expunge) Arrest Records
Expunging Criminal Arrest Records
Change of Plea 1203.4 Forms Packet
Seal Records - Certificate of Rehabilitation

Small Claims
Small Claims Forms Packet

Civil Subpoena (Duces Tecum)
Personal Appearance at Trial or Hearing